Competitive positions

  • Hospitable external image of the region and Murmansk as a regional center, the developed exhibition and fair activities system for the inflow of investments, promoting goods and services, presence of inter-regional and inter-municipal agreements, including foreign cities for the international economic relations development
  • Set of traditionally leading economy sectors forming the basis of city industry (fishing industry, transport, vessel repair, electricity) and associated businesses
  • Availability of the Kola special zone
  • Scientific and staffing support of the leading fields of activity
  • Sustainable development
  • Developed system of financial institutions, the expanded network of ATMs and payment acceptance.
  • Presence of municipal programs and infrastructure of small and medium-sized enterprises development support. Increasing number of small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • Presence of unique tourist facilities ("Murmansk Aquarium", Nuclear-powered icebreaker "Lenin", the Naval Museum of the Northern Fleet, the History Museum of the Murmansk Shipping Company) and exclusive travel products (Arctic cruise, sea fishing, biking over the Kola Peninsula, Polar Olympics)


  • Increasing of the investment attractiveness of the city, new foreign investments attraction in the development of  port special economic zone enterprises and primary industries of the city
  • Usage of modern technological achievements of the Scandinavian countries, qualifying climatic conditions in Murmansk, in construction, fishing industry, aquaculture and fish processing, tourism, agriculture, etc.
  • Modernization of industrial facilities and implementation of innovation high-tech energy-efficient industries, creation of new competitive high-tech products with unique properties (pharmaceutical, cosmetic), increase of the degree of raw materials processing and added value of export products
  • Local producers support
  • Possibility of the development of cruise, educational, event, sports and business tourism and formation of center for international negotiations, exhibitions, fora